Frequently asked questions

I get an error about .NET runtime not being installed when attempting to start the launcher
To run the launcher, windows requires you to download the .NET 5.0 desktop runtime, you can find a link to this on the download page.
Can I apply for a position in the moderation team of QFighter?
Right now, we are not looking for new moderators.

When we are looking to expand our team we will give out a notice to the community. Once a notice is out make use of the form provided to apply for the moderation team.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to DM [GM]RajaN on Discord.
Do I have to pay real money to get in-game resources such as cash or don?
No! We are keeping the game completely free to play , you earn cash and don by playing games and killing other players.

As of recently, a daily bonus is available. The daily bonus consists out of cash, don and golden coins! To claim your daily bonus, simply visit the bunny in the park.
Will I be able to use my qpang/mangafighter account from back in the day?
Unfortunately not, we do not have access to these accounts.
What differentiates QFighter from Qpang?
We come with our own set of custom weapons, accessories and clothing, we will also be actively hosting events and we are looking to improve the game by listening to what our community wants and needs such as the balancing of weapons or rotating the items in the shop as well as introducing new functionalities.

We also have a dedicated staff team and engaging community who are all passionate about the game and its wellbeing.
What about skill cards?
Skill cards were recently implemented! To find out more information about what skill cards do and how to use them, visit our skillcards page.
Can I play PvE/StO
Yes! The first and second stage for PvE/StO are implemented and fully playable with up to 4 people. You do however need to have the qpang tweak tool enabled to be able to play. Ask for more information about this in the discord.